blue-very pavilion 20th anniversary compilation - ディスクブルーベリー コンピレーションカセット


johnny dee、nicely nice、misola、nuback(、sloppy joe、diogenes club、thee windless gates、101 dalmatians、snow sheep、the paselines、small garden

blue-very pavilion 20th anniversary compilation / VA
(blue-very label/Japan/22019/Cassette Tape)
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A side
1. the paselines - my disques blue-very
2. sloppy joe - once and for all
3. thee windless gates - decadent life
4. diogenes club - out on the rebound from love
5. snow sheep - a way to be northland
6. johnny dee - heaven's gate

B side
1. alvysinger - the secret
2. 101 dalmatians - northern town
3. akane with small garden - tricot
4. nuback - himitsu
5. misola - 雨音が...
6. nicely nice - crescent moon

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