Noa Mal - Hypocrisy Runs Deep But I Am Shallow カセットテープ galaxy train SSW フィリピン

フィリピンのインディー・オルタナ・ベッドルーム SSW、 Noa Mal の2020年10月発表の8曲入りアルバム。名古屋のレーベル Galaxy Train より2021年にリリースされたカセットテープです。



5thプレス / レッドラメ色テープ100本
歌詞カード・Noa Mal ミニフォト・galaxyシール 付き


Noa Malはフィリピン発のオルタナSSWです。2000年代生まれの彼女は16才の頃からベッドルームで作曲を始めました。作品ごとコンセプトを持った作品を作り続けてきました。この作品はシンプルですが力強いインディーの原石のようです。

It's the ending to the three albums I produced in 2020. Hangman expresses my sadness, bitterness and grief. I didn't write anything personal on
that record because it is only the introduction, the second one, You Know I Was Saved, was about feeling secured but angry at the same time.
Hypocrisy Runs Deep But I Am Shallow serves as an exclamation of accepting things as they are, grew tired of shouting about things I wanted to say, this record only gives me reassurance about letting things be, even if you are not happy about it.
What I think differentiates it from the others is its rawness, I didn't have anything but lyrics. I didn't focus on the sound because I wanted
to let my thoughts out so much.


Noa Mal - Hypocrisy Runs Deep But I Am Shallow
(Galaxy Train/Japan/2021/Cassette Tape)
included MP3 download code with photograph and sticker and lyric sheet

1. Heart Of Gold
2. Middle School
4. Your Face
5. 137
6. I'm Not What You Think I Am
7. Zealot
8. Shoot Me

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